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History of the Outer Rim Part 2

Origin of Galactic Religion and Creation

As crazy as it sounds, I have created an entire religion for my science fiction series. This is a post explaining the origin of all religions in the galaxy and the story of creation. Enjoy!

When did it all begin? When did the stars appear in the sky? Where did the origin of life come from? These are all questions that are scientifically impossible to answer. Science tells us the universe is 13.8 billion years old and it all started with a bang. But science can only go so far. There comes a place in time and space where all logic is thrown away, and there can only be one answer that makes sense.

That answer is God. Who is God? Nobody knows; and nobody will ever know for sure while they live, for it is upon death, all the answers may come. There are 97 religions in the Outer Rim, and every single one originates from one single ancient collection of writings and philosophy, The Aloia Scriptures. The Aloia Scriptures were first found directly after the formation of the GUA.

Scientists say the scriptures found on the planet Aloia dated back to 11,000 years before the Iteusion flight. The scriptures were the only evidence of life ever found on that dusty, hot, brown planet. There were no bones, no buried civilizations, and no sign of previous visitation, just the scriptures. Once they became widely available and interpreted, millions read it, and many religions were born based off interpretation.

According to the raw Aloia faith, the creation story goes something like this… Before the universe was created, there was Gyo, which is Aloia for God, the Creator. Gyo created the three Hia’s: Hia Gebri, Hia Shaula, and Hia Nocutra. Hia Gebri is the father of time, movement, and energy. Hia Shaula is the father of life, light, and evolution.

Hia Nocutra is the mother of darkness, death, and void. After Gyo created the three Hia’s, he stood by and assisted with the creation of the universe, as the three Hia’s were still young and learning. The Three Hia’s worked in unity and stood by each other to create existence. The first aspect of the universe created was darkness, for there is nowhere for light to exist if there is no darkness.

Hia Nocutra raised her left hand and lowered her right hand and clapped once to create the void of existence. There was nothing but darkness and empty space, thus completing the first step of creation. Hia Nocutra stepped back and allowed Hia Gebri to work his craft. Hia Gebri spread both of his hands as wide as he could, and clapped, creating time and energy.

Now the void can grow with time and carries floods of energy to occupy the space. Hia Gebri stepped back and stood by Hia Nocutra while Hia Shaula worked his craft. Hia Shaula raised both of his hands above his head and clapped, creating flashes of light in the void. This light contained the ingredients of life and evolution, as it raced through the dark void, shining bright.

The three Hia’s rested for 3 days, as all aspects of their crafts work together to build. After 3 days, there were stars in the sky. Gyo was pleased with the outcome of this creation, and rewarded each Hia with a ball of light. This light was a piece of Gyo’s ultimate power.

Hia Shaula promised to use his light to serve Gyo with loyalty, but Hia Nocutra was rebellious against Gyo, for she craved all of Gyo’s ultimate power. Hia Nocutra seduced Hia Gebri and the two plotted to use their light to cast out Gyo, and obtain all of his light. Hia Nocutra and Hia Gebri confronted Gyo and fought him for his light.

Hia Shaula attempted to protect Gyo, but was wounded, and slightly tainted by Hia Nocutra’s darkness. After fighting for 9 days, Gyo used the last of his light to cast himself away, so Hia Nocutra and Hia Gebri would never gain his light. Gyo took form of a Galaxy and placed himself right next to the creation of his children. (The Spinning Bandit Galaxy, the neighboring galaxy to the Outer Rim)

With Gyo casted away, Hia Shaula fought Hia Nocutra and Hia Gebri, resulting in the world of Aloia being created. Aloia was the first world in the universe, and was the outcome of jealousy, violence, and betrayal. Hia Shaula then created the amazing gift of life. He made this as a gift to Gyo, and the life he created was made to worship and praise Gyo, while Gyo watched over.

Hia Gebri saw this, and created the aspect of time to interact with life, therefore creating the process of aging, so these creations could grow old, and weary. Hia Nocutra saw this, and created death, so the life would vanish upon old age, or tragedy. After this, Hia Gebri created the process of evolution, so the life can reproduce and grow stronger as time went on.

There was a proxy war taking place between the 3 Hia’s as they kept creating to fight the other Hia’s creations. After common life was created, and the Aloian people in the name of Gyo built the first empire of life, the three Hia’s knew that they have used up their power on these people, and could not counteract the other creations any more. This led to the creation of the Phiaz. Shaula first created Phiaz Yuala, the angel of labor and skill.

Then Gebri created Phiaz Gekini, the spirit of greed, gluttony, and wealth to counteract Yuala’s skilled laborers by making them demand reward for their labors. While Hia Gebri and Hia Shaula were waging this spiritual proxy war, Hia Nocutra went behind both of their backs and created two demons. The first demon was Phiaz Cosmozi, the demon of catastrophe, suffering, and anger. The second demon was Phiaz Ositica, the demon of deviance, false gods, horror, and damnation.

After the creation of the Phiaz, the three Hia’s separated from each other and focused on giving counsel to their Phiaz, never to speak with each other again. After a thousand years, Phiaz Yuala was instructed by Gyo to build the rest of the incomplete universe using tools crafted by man and woman, so that a trace of man and woman can linger through the divine creation.

After this dawning task, Yuala retired and joined Gyo in his exile, to rest. Seeing the other half of the Universe created, Phiaz Ositica and Phiaz Cosmozi came together and formed a plot to bring death to the universe, thus creating the children of the void; a race of demonic mortals with the soul purpose of carrying out the Phiaz will. Before unleashing the hoard, the two Phiaz sought out Hia Nocutra to grant them the power to do so.

Hia Nocutra tried, but her efforts were wasted, for the children of the void were still primal, and without power to carry out the will. Hia Nocutra sought out Gyo to request the power. Upon speaking, Gyo told Hia Nocutra that the universe must flourish and grow for 20,000 years.

Once the time has passed, Nocutra will receive a flash of light, granting her the powers to gift her Phiaz. Once this power is obtained, the children of the void will rise up and claim the stars, to condemn the universe to damnation.

In return, Nocutra will release Gyo and Yuala, so that they could create another universe without corruption or despair. Nocutra agreed, and Gyo sealed her will in the stars, for the day will come when the stars will turn black, and death will come to claim it’s lover… Life.

I hope you enjoyed this post! This was a page taken out of my second TGOR (The Great Outer Rim) novel. If you enjoy my stories and posts regarding “Stories From a Distant Galaxy” and want to read the novels, feel free to reach out to me, and I will send a limited amount of people my manuscript. The novels are currently unpublished, so I don’t want to post it out in the open. If you enjoy these little stories, you’re going to have a blast with the novels. I appreciate the love and support from all of my readers. Carry on, good people!



Proprietor of my own words. SciFi author. Creator of "Stories From a Distant Galaxy" Enter my universe through my words, and you will touch the stars in the sky

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Proprietor of my own words. SciFi author. Creator of "Stories From a Distant Galaxy" Enter my universe through my words, and you will touch the stars in the sky