The Gift of Death

Death: the ultimate test of the unknown. Our excluded, small marble of a world is taught all throughout life that death is amongst our biggest fears. One question though, why? Why is everyone scared of death? Are we scared of dropping our worldly possessions we spent our entire life to acquire? Are we frightened of leaving the other creatures we’ve grown so close to, or even loved? Or, are we scared of leaving the comfortable confines of vivid memories and colorful sensations for the unknown? The unknown is a concept that strikes fear into a human heart, but why? In 1845, the brave vessels known as the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror embarked on a journey to the Arctic with the goal of completing the Northwest Passage. This expedition was a footrace into the unknown, for these men knew not what disaster awaited them. After being trapped in the unforgivable ice for years on end, the journeymen braced the unknown once again, and trekked the cold desert of ice on foot, resulting in starvation, botulism, and overall, a cold death. Is the passing of life the search for the Northwest Passage? Do we die only to die again in the cold tundra surrounded by nothing but flakes of ice scraping the air? It sure is strange, because most people treat death like this voyage. Sweet, bitter death is the final frontier of the true unknown. Humanity may expand to other worlds, other galaxies, maybe other universes given time, but humanity will never embark on a journey to death with a return trip.

Wait, you? Yes, you! What do you have to say? Oh! You know what happens when we die? Heaven? Ah yes; now this is part where we talk about religious afterlives. Throughout our occupancy on earth, we may come across an assuring hug known as religion. These people throw the word, “God” around a lot not knowing what God means. God is to not be used for human interest. The Catholic Church seems to have it all figured out, well, their bank account sure does. God does not exist to fill your wallets, or exempt your guilt for horrid acts. I am not an atheist by any means, but I do not follow religions for a very specific reason. Any human that claims to know the will of God, and collects worldly assets for it is not an agent of God, for they are submerged in trickery, greed, and pride. God, like death, is an agent of the unknown we try desperately to understand. No human could ever know the experience of passing without passing themselves. Once you go, you’re gone and that’s that. Stop trying to figure out death, stop trying to figure out God, and just embrace the creation around you. Feel the kiss of the wind touch your spine, dip your toes in water, eat that funny looking fruit, you do what you must to smile.

Being a human is difficult, no doubt. We are born into a world of chaos, but that is no excuse to not embark on a quest of content and happiness. The crawling thought of death will touch your brain, and poke at your thoughts, but this is only natural. The true test is what you will do about it. Many join religious groups to ease the curiosity, some consume bulk amounts of acid and DMT while running naked in the jungle, and some let the lingering thought eat them alive. Carry on young one, God knows I need to. Live, be happy, make a plan for your existence, and smile when the day of passing comes. Somewhere in some place far from our plane of existence, it is written, and what is written is done. Death should be celebrated, not mourned, for it is the embarking of a new journey to the unknown. Fear not the unknown, for the unknown is your friend. If everything in the universe were known, there would be no purpose for existence. Not knowing keeps sentient life rolling forward. Next time the thought of death lingers in your mind, smile. Smile wide, for when that day comes, you will bid your farewells and go down that road not knowing what waits. You never know, maybe you’ll run into old friends, or make new ones. Spread love while on earth; be kind, live your dreams and stay away from white walls and fluorescent lights. Your life is a story that will be read by all.



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HM Grove

Proprietor of my own words. SciFi author. Creator of "Stories From a Distant Galaxy" Enter my universe through my words, and you will touch the stars in the sky