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I should have made one of these things ages ago, but was too focused on my series and other projects. So, here’s a proper introduction to what I do on this website.

Hello! If you are reading this, you’re dead. Not really, you just stumbled across this page. You’re probably wondering what it is I do here, so that’s what this post is for. My name is H.M Grove. That’s my pen name. My real name is none of your business.

I’m sure if you look hard enough, you could figure it out, but that’d be a little weird. What do I do? Well, I write mostly about Science Fiction, but sometimes I get a fire under my ass and will write spontaneous articles in regards to an array of subjects.

This post will break down what I do, and lay it out in front of you. I’m telling you, my work is fun, and occasionally intense. Let’s get into it, so you fine people can go about your day, hopefully reading my work along the way.

Stories From a Distant Galaxy

If you have scrolled through my page, you’ve probably stumbled across many posts labeled, “Stories From a Distant Galaxy Volume #”. Well, that series is a really fun series. Long before I created a Medium page, I wrote a novel. I actually wrote 2 and a half novels (Still working on a couple), and have 18 novels on the planning board.

These novels are known as the TGOR (The Great Outer Rim) series. I have created an entire galaxy using my brain and some letters on a keyboard. Stories From a Distant Galaxy is a series of short stories that give volume and depth to the TGOR series.

Each story is connected to little pieces of my novels to add very heavy lore to my creation. The TGOR novels are unpublished, but will be on the shelves sooner than you think. My series is a collection of; you guessed it, stories from a distant galaxy. Each short story is a random event taking place from a random person’s perspective.

They could be a powerful leader, or a peasant. They could be a bloodthirsty warlord, or a peaceful lover. The stories are vast and display what life is like for these alien souls living far away from us. Oh, and if you are an active reader of my content, you may notice a reoccurring pattern.

There are no humans in my series. Don’t expect any humans in my series, because there will never be humans in this galaxy. Keyword, “Distant Galaxy”; it’s in the title. Every character in the series belongs to one of the many alien races that occupy the stars in the night sky. I started creating this lore filled universe in hopes of seeking refuge in my creativity.

There have been some wild things happening in my life for the past 23 years. To be honest, I didn’t even make any of this for you guys. I wanted it to be for me, but sharing is caring and all that crap. Plus, if I could help strangers bring light to their day via crazy and eccentric story, then that’s a win for me.

I welcome you to dive into this series. You will find yourself lost in the stars, and in love with my characters. I welcome you to submerge in my lore and experience what life is like from another galaxy. I will warn you, these stories aren’t for kids. This series is bloody, contains hyper violence, sexual content, and substance usage.

They are very much adult stories, so I’ll just put it out there now. Don’t come crying to me when your kid stumbles across my work and starts swearing like a sailor.

Furthermore, I’m happy to share a chunk of my brain with you beautiful people. I love feedback, even if it’s someone calling my work garbage. In fact, I love that feedback the most. Enjoy what I have to offer to the Science Fiction community.

Standalone Articles and Reports

I’m primarily a Science Fiction author, but sometimes I get a stick up my ass, and feel like writing small pieces on various subjects. I may be young, but I’ve dealt with a lot of life. I like to share what I have taken from life. You may not like what I write, or you may love what I write. Either way is fine, because I’m not writing for you, I’m sharing with you.

Don’t get all entitled on my ass, and feel like everyone writes for your pleasure. Though I am a Science Fiction author, my articles appear to gain more leverage on the Medium community than my SciFi series, and that’s fine. That’s just the flow of Medium doing its thing.

Some topics swim faster upstream than others. In regards to my articles, I appreciate the support and kind words from my readers. I never realized how nice people were on here, so it’s been fun sharing with you.

I look forward to writing more pieces. I welcome you to read my articles, and view them in any mindset you so please. My writing style is a little different, because I write how my mind speaks.

So it may be a tad casual, but will come off as if you’re talking to an old wise man at a dive bar; filled with knowledge and good advice, but still 19 beers deep. Enjoy my chunk of life through my words.

About Me

I saved this part for last, because this is the least relevant subject in regards to my writing. I’d rather have you read about my work, than myself first. So, if you made it this far, congrats! To start off, I am a 23-year-old man living in the Pacific Northwest.

I was born and mostly raised in Washington, but have lived in Hawaii, California, Missouri, Arizona, and South Carolina for a small portion of my life. No, I’m not from a military family, I was just a shitty kid and got kicked out of aunts when I was 16, for very good reasons. I don’t blame them; I was an asshole back then.

On my downtime, I like going up to the mountains, diving into film, and writing. I can’t stop writing, somebody help me! If I stop writing for even a day, I feel ill, like I have the flu or something. Writing to me is like heroin to a junkie. If I stop, I become angry, sick, and may possibly die.

I’ve endured some serious struggles in my life and have been through things as a kid that could break a grown a man. I use this to fuel my ambition and productive rage. I can thank my many struggles for my few accomplishments. Unlike most of you, I’m not a scholar, nor a genius.

In regards to financial success, I’m quite the opposite. I don’t have crazy college degrees or elite literature commendations. I’m just a guy that likes to write SciFi. Maybe one day, I’ll be widely known for my work, or I’ll be buried a poor man.

I don’t care where my writing takes me; I just want to write. I will shoot for success and keep shooting until I die, but I won’t lose sleep over failure. To continue, I’m single, and have no children. Thank God for that, because that’s not my world. Dating complicates life, and is a dangerous game.

I’ve played that game many times, and I know enough about it to know that I don’t need that at the moment. Whatever happens in the future will happen, but we’re not talking about the future, we’re talking about the now. Well, I think you people know enough about my life, so I’ll be wrapping this up.

To sum it up, I hope you all find comfort and joy in my work. Writing is clearly my passion, and to be able to share that with a community of good people paints a smile on my beautiful face. Enjoy the show, and feel free to ask questions or reach out to me. My email address should be with my information, but if not, just ask me via message or post reply. I love meeting new writers, and bouncing brains with other creative minds. Good luck out there to you all. Stay beautiful.



Proprietor of my own words. SciFi author. Creator of "Stories From a Distant Galaxy" Enter my universe through my words, and you will touch the stars in the sky

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HM Grove

Proprietor of my own words. SciFi author. Creator of "Stories From a Distant Galaxy" Enter my universe through my words, and you will touch the stars in the sky