Why I Chose to Write Science Fiction

Written by H.M Grove

It’s safe to say that I posses an unhealthy attachment for my work. I am passionate for science fiction, and have always been. There are aspects of science fiction that bring me a lethargic amount of joy and happiness, and I will be talking about that today with you fine people. Science Fiction has saved my life in a weird way.

The second I wrote the first sentence to my novels back in the day, I felt this raging sensation in my head that gave me this rare amenity called natural happiness and feelings of completion. Writing Science Fiction has pulled me out from the sludge of dog shit I was submerged in after a nasty breakup.

Ever since then, I have not gone a single day without writing. I have created a universe in my head that I find myself lost in most hours of the day. I hope anyone reading this can find comfort and inspiration in the greatest gift we were given, imagination. Let us begin!

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Writing Science Fiction is a Great Source of Finding Lost Pride

Like most types of writing, one will always find pride in their work. Science Fiction brings much pride to the table. This is a different kind of pride, though. Not only will you feel accomplished in your work, but also you will feel as if you are a great architect. Writing Science Fiction is the creation of worlds using a great power known as imagination.

You sit there and form empires, galaxies, planets, and people from nothing but a pen and paper. If you don’t think that is off the rails amazing, you should try it yourself. The feeling I accumulate from finishing a piece is better than an orgasm! I can sit back, read my work and think to myself, “Holy shit, I created a universe; a separate reality.

If you really want to dive deep, you may have just created a separate existing reality by imagining it. I’m sure somewhere in the universe, sitting at the burnt end of a black hole is your creation. We’re humans, and all we have is our dreams. You’re going to die, hell we all are! Leave something behind that will be read and enjoyed by many.

Nobody gives a shit if you die rich! Do you want to be remembered as the person who drove a Lamborghini while snorting rails of laced cocaine off your Gucci sunglasses, or do you want to be remembered as the person who created a universe in the form of some paper and words. That Lamborghini won’t carry your legacy, but your creations will. Writing Science Fiction can refuel your pride, and reward you with confidence. Trust me, it feels great.

Science Fiction Gives Me a Reason to Push Forward.

So in my case, I’m not just writing a book and a few stories. I’m creating a series of stories that are all connected in strange ways. I chose to do this because I need a massive project to keep me out of trouble. Giving yourself a project will prevent you from doing really stupid shit. Trust me, I used to kill bottles of cheap liquor, cram God knows what into my nose, and end the night by almost dying or almost getting arrested.

I’m pretty sure God was protecting me, because I really should be dead or in jail at this point. Life gets the better of us, and there’s no stopping that. What we do have a say in is how we will approach the disaster. Yeah sure, you could get really fucked up and forget about it for a few hours. Do that, and it’ll come back in the form of a hangover and a bunch of really embarrassing texts to your Ex’s you regret sending.

Or, you could write! If I have a bad day, I reflect that through my characters of my story. Sometimes I feel bad, because I really beat my characters up. If life body slams you through a glass table, WRITE! Write your heart out! Scream, cry, punch a tree, and translate that pain into the great story you are creating. The best part about this is the erratic emotions displayed through your writing make for some great material, and people love that.

So, when life kicked my ass for the 20,000th time, I decided to embark on a project. First I wrote my novel. Then I wrote the second novel. After that, I started writing two spin offs, created a medium page, and begun writing a shit ton of short stories. It gives me purpose; it brings me hope! Most importantly, it keeps me away from the drugs and liquor.

My genuine happiness is a product of my writing. All of my stories and books are connected and in the same universe. It’s so much fun! I live vicariously through the characters I created. My friends, if you feel that you are at rock bottom, just do yourself a favor and write a damn story. It’s a lot more effective than you think.

The Science Fiction Community is Strange, yet Wonderful

Some of the weirdest people I’ve met are SciFi people. They are strange, quirky, hilarious, and just an absolute blast to talk to. I did not start writing Science Fiction to make friends, but I ended up running into some really cool folks. I swear to God, they are some of the weirdest people I’ve run into, but they hold hearts of gold, and I love it! I consider myself a weird person.

Well, that’s an understatement; I’m fucking whacked out of my gourd. Your weirdness and quirkiness will reflect through your work, and that makes for some great content. If you write Science Fiction, you will find yourself emerging into a community of people that do the same thing you’re doing. At first, you may be a little struck by how strange they all are, but after a while, you will see that they are amazing human beings.

The Science Fiction community are amongst the smartest people on earth. Smart people are weird and a little crazy, but nonetheless, are a good flock to fly with. These people are the creator of worlds; they are the forefront of imagination and exploration. Embrace your new flock and enjoy your time with these whacky folks.

You’ll find yourself having the most meaningful and deep conversations of your life. I love my flock, I love my folks, and I love the community that took a fuck up like me in. These people will help you evolve; they will water your brain while that flower grows!

Love your folk, accept the help offered if needed, and help them if you can. Humans are a tribal species, even in modern times. If you write Science Fiction, embrace your tribe and love them. You’ll be surprised to find that they love you too.

You Never Know How Far You Could Go

Let’s get one thing clear. If you’re writing Science Fiction for material gains, you’re writing for the wrong reasons. You shouldn’t write as a money making scheme, because that’s just silly. As a writer, you are an artist, and artists work to fuel their creative brains. That being said, keep those hopes in your heart, because you never know how far this train will take you.

You could find yourself being bombarded by agents and publishers! You could find yourself scoring a movie deal! Hell, I lay in my bed listening to music, imagining my work on the big screen. These dreams are great, because they fuel the hell out of you. In fact, those dreams are the nitrous to your race car. Science Fiction is a booming genre, as we continue to evolve as a species into the future. You are a creator of something that is loved by millions.

If the right person catches your work, you could be in business for something big. So, remember to stay humble and don’t let these ambitions consume you. I send queries to agents a few times a week just for the hell of it. Why? You’ll miss every shot you don’t take. There is a 99.9% chance that agent will laugh at you, and take a steamy shit on your manuscript. Personally, I think it’s hilarious. I love reading the really mean remarks that agents send me.

It fuels me! Earlier, I wrote a small article about embracing failure. If you haven’t read it, go and give it a gander; it’s good advice. Failure is your friend, and if you’re trying to make it big, you not only need to accept failure, you need to marry it. Failure keeps you humble and on your feet. Don’t get let down if some dipshit agent pissed on your manuscript and fingered your dreams. Agents like doing that.

It’s sad, because this leads to the oblivious death of many authors. Always remember why you’re writing and whom you’re writing for. Keep the hope for making it big, but hold it in its place. If you are on a warpath to make it big (like me) then don’t let up! Stay humble and don’t expect it, but at the same time, keep at it. You are a Gustav Railway Cannon!

They can drop bombs on you all day, but you will stand tall and continue to fire massive artillery shells at London. Trust me my friend, it’s not an easy game. If you find yourself lost in shame or failure, just write. That’s what this is all about. Fame is cool and all, but you’re a passionate writer, so just write. If you keep your grind and power through the army of bullshit in your way, you never know, you might just make it.

To Sum it Up, Science Fiction is my Passion

I’m in love with SciFi. I truly am, and I will chase its beauty to my grave. Science Fiction saved my ass, and has been a better companion than any girlfriend I’ve had. SciFi won’t hurt you; in fact it will build you. I can proudly say I’m a better man because of my work. Stay strong my friends, for the greener fields are a closer than you think.

We live in a fucked up world, but our marble is beautiful in every way. Don’t forget where you came from; don’t forget your struggle. Use our reality to fuel your creation. You are a beautiful human with a gorgeous brain. Put that brain to work, and you will find amazing things. I look back on my life and my struggles.

I see the eviction notices, the death of my father, the drunk stepdad that fucked my head up, the poverty, the empty bank accounts, the jobs I’ve been fired from, and the life that beat the living fuck out of me. These things should’ve killed me, no doubt. I used these struggles to fuel my work, and Goddamn, I write some cool stories. So, I say thank you to my struggles for making me who I am, and creating my beautiful universe of stories I write every day.

Use your struggle to fuel your passion. Your partner cheated on you; good! Write about it! You lost your job. Good! WRITE ABOUT IT! Everything in your life is going wrong all at once. Good. Write about it. You are the architect of your reality. Carry on with an iron will, and drive through your struggle, my friend. If you need someone, I’m here. Write up a private note; I’ll get to you eventually. Don’t let life kick your teeth in, because if you hold a passion, you’ll live forever. I love you all.

Stay beautiful, humans.

Feel free to visit my page and view my work. I hope my stories can bring you joy and inspiration. Feel free to ask me questions. In regards to my novels I mentioned throughout the article, they are currently unpublished and stored safely on my laptop. I will be happy to share them via private email to anyone who is interested. They are rough drafts, so go easy on me. I hope you all have wonderful weeks. You are loved.

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Proprietor of my own words. SciFi author. Creator of "Stories From a Distant Galaxy" Enter my universe through my words, and you will touch the stars in the sky

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HM Grove

HM Grove

Proprietor of my own words. SciFi author. Creator of "Stories From a Distant Galaxy" Enter my universe through my words, and you will touch the stars in the sky

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