If you are an active follower of mine, I apologize for my lack of content. For the past 6 months, I have been very busy with work and freelancing. After a lot of hard work on an oyster farm and many hours of freelance work, I have decided to start posting on this page again.

I will be mainly focusing on the Stories From a Distant Galaxy series, and maybe I’ll post an article for the hell of it. If you are a supporter of mine and love my content, I am sorry I was gone for so long and appreciate the support.

I will make it my duty to supply you fine people with short stories and fun content and work on growing my following. I hope you enjoy what I have in store and thank you for the love and support.



HM Grove

Proprietor of my own words. SciFi author. Creator of "Stories From a Distant Galaxy" Enter my universe through my words, and you will touch the stars in the sky